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HR Coil

We S M Steels are engaged as Manufacturers, Suppliers, Provider, Authorized Distributors, Dealers, Exporters, Stockiest, Traders of HR Coil. Steel is continuously rolled at a high temperature, usually over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, to produce Hot Rolled Coils. Metal sheets made from billets are passed through rollers at temperatures above the metal's (steel) recrystallization temperature. Hot rolled items, such as hot rolled steel bars, are used to create railroad tracks and I-beams in the welding and construction industries, for example. In cases where perfect forms and tolerances are not required, hot-rolled steel is employed.

Hot Rolled Coils are primarily used to make pipes, but they also have a wide range of direct industrial and manufacturing applications, such as the construction of tanks, railway cars, bicycle frames, ships, engineering and military equipment, as well as automobile and truck wheels, frames, and body parts. Steel that has been roll-pressed at very high temperatures—over 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, which is above the re-crystallization temperature for most steels—is known as hot rolled steel. This makes the steel easier to shape, resulting in easier-to-work-with items. Our company is a market leader in providing our customers with high-quality HR Coils. The products we offer have been quality-tested so that we can deliver a defect-free variety. These coils are in high demand because they are widely used in the manufacturing of vehicles, cargo vessels, and other items. Customers can purchase these coils in large quantities at low prices. We are offering excellent products and good services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, Surat, Daman, Ahmednagar and India.

HR Coil