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What We Offer


We at SM Steels are well-equipped with state of the art warehouses that hold excellent capacity for stocking bulk quantities of finished steel products and proper handling facilities along with in-house bending machines, decoiling machines, overhead cranes, weigh bridges to service our customers’ needs.

Weigh bridge

We have weighbridges for road going vehicles with a concrete deck. Thus it helps in faster transactions, less errors and better information & service to customers.

Bending machine

If you have to bend every bar manually, then it could slow down the business. There are several advantages to owning one of these brilliant machines. They help in saving time thereby leading to faster and more deliveries leading to more customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Overhead cranes

It has increased safety and reduced the risk of dropping goods and accidents. Easy lifting heavy loads, assembling different products, avoiding floor obstructions and improved load control have been some of our service advantages.

Decoiling machine

It is good to work with all kinds of steel rolls, able to handle high strengthen material and always prevents material to be sctratched.